PODCAST EPISODE 196 – Fun With The CPI… The Christmas Price Index


In a year many of us would rather forget, we still have been able to make memories. 2020 had plenty of plot-twists Paul and Cory bring you one last twist; Analyzing the CPI (Christmas Price Index). Discover what the 12 days of Christmas have to do with futures and hear Paul and Cory count their blessings listeners live chat responses.


  • 00:00 – Show Starts
  • 00:35 – Paul welcomes the show
  • 04:44 – Recapping 2020 world events
  • 06:48 – Christmas Price Index breakdown
  • 22:08 – Blessings
  • 32:33 – A thank you to our listeners
  • 35:26 – Show ends, thank you for listening.



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Contains a sample of “King” by Zayde Wølf courtesy of Lyric House.

Full Episode Transcription


Paul 0:01

Welcome to your business, your wealth, where your hosts Paul Adams and Corey Shepherd teach founders and entrepreneurs how to build wealth beyond their business balance sheets.

Unknown Speaker 0:34

Well, hello, welcome

Paul 0:35

to Christmas

Unknown Speaker 0:39

is like that. This is

Paul 0:43

just a fun episode that we’ve been looking forward to this year, a chance to focus on something fun, focus on something. That’s why we help people with their money. We want you to be able to be in a spot during this Christmas season where if you’re a client of ours, or we hope that you’ve been listening to our content throughout the year, and this has made it a Christmas where what we hope is the money, woes, difficulties, the things that occupy your mind and create cognitive load that in all the ways that you could have this year to better take care of your cell financially has probably helped you have to deal with a lot of the challenges we’ve had this year. But the challenges is not what we’re focusing on today. As a Cory. See, I’ve been practicing to get it right when you take a drink. I know

Cory 1:33

which, you know, we’ve got different mugs today. It’s It’s Christmas in the islands. This is my surfers coffee mug. Now you just drank with your Yeti Don’t even try to pull that on me.

Unknown Speaker 1:45

Hey, no, I

Paul 1:45

knew you were gonna do this to me. And I came ready. I even put water in it. And if I can figure out how to show the camera, it’s coming

Cory 1:51

in Chinese. Okay, I got a different mug. It says I always like the tropical Santa theme. So I’m tropical Santa today with my surfers coffee on Oahu. Go there

Paul 2:06

is that one of those 10 cups. Like it’s like metal in it. It’s ceramic. It just really like

Cory 2:12

hefty ceramic. It’s great.

Paul 2:15

You know, I gotta tell you, I’ve had a difficult time drinking from ceramic coffee mugs ever since the great ceramic massacre of the mid 80s. And as a result, I just tried to stay away from it. And just stick with metal cups whenever I can.

Cory 2:31

All right. Okay, with that history.

Unknown Speaker 2:33


Paul 2:35

Well, we’ll need some time to have an episode on the great ceramic tragedy and massacre of 1985. Because I haven’t made that history up yet. So we’re gonna have to do some writing. And then we could do a topic on it. I’ve got to say, since we’re going to be talking a little bit today about CPI, the Christmas Price Index. And we’re also going to be talking about the different blessings that we’ve seen in our friends, our families, our clients that have occurred this year. And for a minute, that’s what we’re going to focus on here together today. And we’re so glad for those of you that are joining us here live, because we’re looking for you to use the chat and write in tell us what you’ve seen is a blessing this year, we’d love to give you a shout out. We’d love to allow the rest of the world to sort of watch this episode, and maybe see some blessings that they have, but may have missed in the morass of noise that we’ve had this year, some of it we very much had listened to. But nonetheless, something that that can be tough. Now, I think what is important, Cory, before we jump into it, is that we do talk about how crazy this year has been. Now I’m one of those people. And maybe some of you have studied quantum mechanics. Or you went through the same advanced degree in quantum mechanics I did which is you watched all of the Avengers end game with the time travel and you’re pretty much equipped. We live in this arms race

Cory 4:10

yet for Nolan, that’s another primer Yeah,

Paul 4:13

that that one’s a little too heady. I don’t think there’s even a superheroes in that. So you, you you you okay for the people that love Corey. Watch Interstellar. For the people that like me. Go Wolverine. If Wolverine can’t solve time travel Oh, wait, wrong one.

Cory 4:31

That is what we need to do is go to X men Days of Future Past. That’s what I was thinking. Yeah, I mean, Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s like the ones that we pretend we didn’t make any more is what Disney says. Yeah,

Paul 4:42

yeah, the record or whatever. Well, I think that it’s so it’s been crazy. We had actual fire tornadoes in this country.

Cory 4:51

All of Australia was on fire earlier this year and in my basement in August, with a tornado literally less than two miles away. Touchdown away from us. When

Paul 5:01

he says we, I was visiting him and me, my kids, Cory, his wife, his unborn baby, all down in the basement waiting for, like Passover or the warning to be gone. lights flickered a little bit. Let’s see what else Oh, I don’t know if you heard this, this is brand new. There’s a volcano that erupted in Hawaii. But a near miss of an asteroid, a global pandemic, most contentious presidential election history. And I don’t know, there’s probably more but I mean, hundreds of 1000s of people passed away from COVID. And here we sit in the midst of all of that in disagreement with the overriding narrative that people are putting out there right now. And saying instead that what we ought to do is count our blessings. So as we go along, we’re gonna have some fun looking at CPI, but it’s not a regular CPI. Now, what that CPI What is it?

Cory 6:07

Not the consumer price index, but the well, you already said, but the Christmas Price Index, there’s PNC is a financial company that has done this for a lot of years, say something like 30, we’ll see. Let me open up the open up the link. And I’ve always had fun looking at it from from year to year. And it’s a fun way to deal with some financial implications and think about the holidays in the year that we’ve we’ve had. So Paul, if you’ve got that

Paul 6:38

gutter, I’m gonna kick it over. All right, here we go. So it’s the PNC Christmas Price Index. And this is just from that beautiful song The 12 Days of Christmas. And now this looks like good news to start with the old Christmas Price Index. It’s down 58%.

Cory 7:02

So just for everyone who’s listening and not seeing Oh, thanks. See, what they did is went all the way through and said, How much would it cost this year to actually buy the full 12 Days of Christmas for someone and then track that for for 37 years. So this year, the Christmas price index in 2020 is down 58%.

Paul 7:27

Meaning that over last year, you could actually purchase everything in the 12 Days of Christmas that’s purchasable for 50 or so it will be very important. Yeah, you’ll see that in a minute. Yeah. And now when we The reason this whole Christmas price index is fun is even the consumer price index is not totally applicable us as individuals. You know, some people, you get in your mid 30s, have kids buy a house, all that your inflation rate is through the roof. Like, I remember, my inflation rate for hotels at one point in my life was like, I would rent a hotel room because I didn’t have any money. And what I would do is take a sleeping bag because there is no way I’m even pulling back those sheets, let alone sleeping inside of them. That’s now then now I started making real money. And two years later, I’m staying at the Ritz Carlton, it didn’t make

Cory 8:19

it make a difference. What else do you stand to have this all a cart like

Paul 8:23

I don’t, I don’t stay in there anymore. And they didn’t give me a discount. I’m saying I couldn’t afford it from a health perspective. I was more afraid of those sheets than I am of COVID today. So but as an example, a few years later, I’m able to stay at four seasons, Ritz Carlton well, that inflation had nothing to do with CPI. Your inflation may have nothing to do with CPI but it is really interesting to think about it in terms of this Christmas price index. So let’s take a look. We’re going to hit these one at a time. And we’re gonna start with a by the way, Cory kind of a treat for all of you. He promised to sing the whole song as long as his throat felt good enough today. I didn’t get a chance to check Cory How are the pipes? You weren’t ready?

Cory 9:10

I can dry

Paul 9:14

All right, so we won’t have you seen the whole thing? Yeah, but our first is a partridge in a pear tree. Now, what you have to purchase is both a pear tree And a partridge

Cory 9:24

right? So this is this is you know agricultural futures and livestock.

Paul 9:33

Yes, but no inflation on that pear tree unchanged and partridges.

Cory 9:39

This is a it’s kind of more like, you know, when price and demand, you know, have a relationship with each other. It seems like people don’t really want partridges anymore. Last year

Paul 9:51

like Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. Yeah, inflation may have happened but not for partridges. Now a very popular item Is the turtle doves they’re up 50% and the reason is a turtle doves, much like gold are believed to be by people a good store of future value. I don’t know why turtle doves are up 50% but

Cory 10:17

i think i think it’s because all of these weddings that you know had to be really pared down and moved outside.

Paul 10:26

They just they took the food and drink budget for the 80 guests. But acquitted does That’s it? Yeah. By doves and invest the difference. It’s a big strategy. I’m glad people are looking into it. Now this one is going to be my mom’s favorite. I hope that she’s watching Three French hens. My mom loves chickens. around her house is every kind of chicken figuring if you know my mom, you can buy her any sort of chicken chicken shirt. Chicken figurine, chicken picture, that woman loves Chicken.

Unknown Speaker 10:58

Chicken chimichangas chicken Yeah, she

Paul 11:01

cooks check in. But French hands are up 15.7% now I have a theory on this. You’re ready for my, my chicken inflation theory. All the people who went out and kind of 2019 is starting to get popular. Like I’m going to have a little mini farm my house I’m going to do raised flower beds, I’m going to get a few chickens and and then people were locked out of the pandemic and they’re like, well, I got nothing to do. So I’m going to get a ton of chickens hence chicken inflation.

Cory 11:33

Or you sent me the article there’s a there’s a price fixing allegation. This might be a conspiracy amongst some of the big names in chicken sellers. We will leave them off because ongoing litigation but waterlase asserting that they were wrongly the subject of some price fixing so

Paul 11:54

yeah, it could be the price fixing scandal. I would like to see them add to the price index of subcategory to Three French hens which is cost of those little tiny chicken bites from chick fil a What are they called their magical? I don’t know. I think they put opium in the bread around them because I can’t stop eating them for calling birds Now, for those of you who perhaps are on the younger side watching our stream, these are not birds having anything whatsoever to do with Twitter. I know calling sounds like it has to do with the phone.

Cory 12:26

They’re obsolete one of them.

Paul 12:29

Nope, this is just birds that sing. And while four of them are a bit pricey, nobody cared anymore about having loud birds in their house this year than last year.

Cory 12:40

Now this is pretty solid. People like yeah, that’s fine. Cory your favorite. This is my favorite. This is this is where I’m gonna get a little naughty here.

Paul 12:55

Oh, wait, you guys switching back. I don’t know if people can see that. So he’s got this shirt with sequins on it rubs at one direction. And it says nice now just for the record as you do that. I do want to say it looks a little naughty when you rub the sequence

Cory 13:08

it forces you into this kind of naughty position.

Paul 13:12

Yeah, it’s like a self frisky like you’re checking yourself for weapons, but a little slow.

Cory 13:19

So gold went up by 14 and a half percent this last year which feels great. But when everybody’s grandpa told you to invest your money in gold, you know in a year that gold went up 14 and a half the s&p went up something double that. Even with a big V in the in the middle of the year. There’s like incredible growth. And I we have so many thoughts on this that Paul promised we could do an episode after the new year just on gold and inflation. So we’re gonna look at just how meaningful Gold’s increase has been over a year, year over year but it’s not the most inflating part of this index by far.

Paul 14:02

Let’s just say we’re not saying it’s not a store of value. But we are saying is its long term return maybe nothing like what our grandfather left us on the pressure we are going to do is buy gold. Well my case my dad was 50 when I was born so you got to buy gold. I still have his gold in my safe he passed away a couple years ago and it’s actually in my safe right now. All his gold didn’t do him a damn but a good

Unknown Speaker 14:31

mom. Don’t laugh at that. If you’re watching bill laugh.

Paul 14:34

She did write back by the way she said don’t laugh a guy took a picture of my chickens on Friday. I’m gonna have to have a talk with that man. I don’t I don’t want a man taking pictures of my mom’s chickens. If I haven’t even met him yet. If you know what I mean. racy. Come on show Mom. Mom we’re talking later today. Alan, Alan is back in the chat. Love this guy. He said last time I bought gold address. Up by 14% the next day not doing that again, better yet, Alan, if you ever do get it again, do it on the morning of one of our live streams. So you can let everybody else know that you specifically got into gold. And

Cory 15:11

actually, we could talk about a contract for a new segment of every live stream called Ellen buys go get Elon

Unknown Speaker 15:19

when it goes down.

Paul 15:25

Like just a quick stock market update on a few different topics like somebody’s jet, and all it is is one of our our clients just yelling in the microphone, it went up, it went down and that’s the update on that stock or that commodity. I like it. Six geese alayan now, way up, way up. Do you know why?

Cory 15:46

Well, because that’s that’s real food. You know, you’re, you can’t go to the grocery store in the midst of the shutdown. Can’t go pick up your eggs but your geese are laying them down. You pick it up and I’m laying down. You pick it up, but they’re laying down. Oh,

Paul 15:59

I didn’t think it was that I thought it was back in Washington DC. They’re trying to get all the stimulus done and they were just trying to geese the skids. All right, next

Unknown Speaker 16:10

one. Seven swans a swing.

Cory 16:13

Later, you can put in a mop mop. Wow.

Paul 16:16

Yeah, please. Yeah, we need to get sound effects for live stuff and just let Jordan go.

Cory 16:20

Better yet.

Paul 16:21

I’m gonna get a soundboard like Jim Cramer. I already got my sleeves rolled up. And what I won’t do is tell our audience, they’re idiots. I’ll just push funny sounding buttons. So Jordan, if you would do that’d be my Christmas present. That’d be great. Like sound board buttons. Yeah, you don’t have to put bodily functions in there. But I’m not saying I would have to remove them.

Cory 16:45

Eat things with like six buttons that have to be perfect. Well, what

Paul 16:49

I’m curious about is because I want to get one of those old decks as the digital buttons so you can change the buttons is I’m curious if he does put any sort of bodily sounds on it at all? What pictures he’ll use. So Seven swans is sweating is also zero. Now strangely enough swans are just a little more expensive than I thought. They’re almost $2,000 a whack.

Cory 17:11


Paul 17:12

And they’d be more than that in a lot of cities because you have sales tax I’m assuming I’m assuming swans have the they’re not considered a grocery right. So we’re gonna assume their sales tax they’re not groceries because they’re swimming Eight Maids a Milking

Unknown Speaker 17:28


Paul 17:30

they just make milking a maid that’s milking be minimum wage. So I guess that isn’t terrible. But it’s not really an item you’re buying. It’s more of here’s how long we think it takes to for Eight maids to milk for well yeah 15 minutes on I don’t know how long it takes to milk a cow. Anybody in the comments knows how long it takes to milk a cow let us know. I want to know by hand because I don’t think these maids are using the sophisticated machinery in fact that is a little bit of a problem because you think they would use in this index the ability for like eight maids could crush it with the new technology for milking.

Cory 18:13

Yeah, but it’s like you know it’s it’s like artisan milking you want you want hand milk milk? Yes true for something like this.

Paul 18:23

Like somebody who can set the bucket like three four feet away and just get that right like get the cow the cow tilts to the side just a little and you can get a little extra distance.

Cory 18:33

I guess it tastes better when it’s hand milk especially if one of the Maids a Milking had like chapped hands and she put the Vics on beforehand and then did the milking gets that little that nice like bakery tasted the milk?

Paul 18:46

Well, I gotta tell you the thing that I don’t like about the graphic they chose here. Her forearms are nowhere big enough to be made of milk and Nine ladies dancing. Now for the record that this is like I don’t know our entire listener base and the demographics so let me just say for those of you just listening on the podcast to get worried about what it is this is this is like maybe we should have a button for Corey that just puts like a little radioactive like thing underneath me whenever I start to queue up a story he doesn’t like sound up. Know what I’m saying is like this is like dancers coming to dance at a conference. Like there’s a lot of millennials out there may not really had much experience with a song and you hear Nine ladies dancing. You might think of something different. I’m just saying that Price Waterhouse Coopers left it in the old meaning of what it meant to have Nine ladies dancing 10 Lords a Leaping also not available. Now these things are significantly driving down the Christmas Price Index this year, because they’re saying you can’t hire Lords a Leaping not enough room on the eyes for all tend to socially distance while leaping same with our Nine Ladies.

Cory 19:59

Here’s a tip for PNC, I might have gone in a different direction, because it’s not that you can’t get it. There’s such a thing as the black market. There’s a price out there for everyone. There are 10 Lords out there that would be willing to do something with all the risk to their health for the right price, so

Paul 20:18

you might have to pay him in Bitcoin might have been Bitcoin, you might have to find him on the dark web nowadays, but there will be Yeah, I think it like in our state just getting together with 10 Lords a Leaping is only a gross misdemeanor. So you end up with a ticket and you’re back out in the world. Okay. 11 pipers piping. Well, you can’t have people piping. When they’re blowing virus into the room. They’re piping it. Now I would think outdoor piping would be

Cory 20:49

how many? I think Piper pipe.

Paul 20:53

You know, I actually I just realized again for the listening only audience not seeing the visuals. This is really important. marijuana legalization did pass in some new states in the last several years, several pipers piping back has nothing to do with cannabis. Okay, so, but this is somebody who’s like blowing on a horn that has no valves. It’s just like a straight horn. And last but not least 12 drummers drumming. Now I again disagree. These guys could wear a mask, 12 of them could get together and they could beat their drums. I personally think on these last few 12 drummers drumming, pipers piping 10 Lords a Leaping. I think that they were just lazy. I think what they should have done is just a little bit like to your blackmarket or have said it’s unchanged. Because you like look at what throws what happens, your true cost of Christmas and the song if you bought all 364 presents, as you recount every day, it’s down 38%. But that’s entirely artificial, because they just said not available. Now, this is probably a good time for us to transition a little bit of blessings. Because I do think there’s something to notice in this. And one is there are things that many of us are not doing now. Okay. Yeah, like for for for everyone who meant that what they meant to do this year was workout similar to last year, maybe the year before that. And yet, they didn’t get a chance to get it done. But they kept their gym membership. Well, this year, you cancel your gym membership, because you can’t go now the the I’ve said that a little bit in jest but it’s it’s that there are things that amidst lockdowns amidst travel restrictions, people have really had to shift and change their lives. And I think one of the big blessings we’ve seen as we’ve been talking to clients and is my family and I travel the country talking to different people is that one, they’re finding out that they can have a real, like there’s things that we miss, but that we can have really good life being with the people that we chose to live under the same roof with. I think I, I I’ve watched people’s marriages get super contentious during this and then have totally new breakthroughs. Some, you know, we’re not going to pay attention to the negative stuff. But some people that major breakthroughs in their marriages are better than ever. And as a result, people are actually spending less money not too dissimilar to pncs 12 Days of Christmas that it’s down 58%. And it is in part because there’s things that we can’t do that we would have done prior. And yet we can take that what would be viewed as a terrible situation. And we repurpose it to getting clear on our aims for the future and what we could do to redirect funds toward that. I got a great blessing actually from Connie’s mom that she wrote in that they have been able to see patients during the pandemic, even though so many people have lost jobs. So they’re just super thankful to be open and operating. That is certainly our case. You know, I’ll give I’ll give one from us here at sound Financial Group. I don’t know if all of you would know this. But we started in January of 2017, saying we won’t do any in person client meetings anymore. That we wanted our in person time to be something where we can just get to know our clients, where we can talk about social things, anything religion, we don’t care, any topic except their finances. And what that did, I was just reminded of it yesterday. We’re onboarding a new client, successful business owner, who he said, You know, one thing I don’t like is that this guy keeps calling me and he wants to get together for lunch. But I know he wants to get together for lunch because it’s going to turn into business. He wants to get coffee because he wants to do on the person. And I know the pivot he’s gonna make he’s done it a bunch of times. That’s what we wanted to let go of. Now, we did that in January 2017. So that our clients wouldn’t have any drive time, so that they could invest the appropriate amount of time and learning about their money before making decisions. But it opened up the ability for us to travel the country or for our clients to travel. And they can do their meetings with us while they’re traveling. So they’re not in the midst of their workdays and they’re reflecting. And that served us really well this year. We didn’t do it for any of the reasons that it turned out well for us this year. But that going remote years ago, when everybody said we were crazy for doing it, and it worked out.

Cory 25:45

Paul, I remember we were looking at we’re looking around a lot of different websites earlier this year to get some ideas for updates to ours and pop ups kept coming up when we navigated like, here’s what we’ve done to you know, deal with COVID or Han and Paul wanted this Can we have a pop up says we didn’t need to do anything?

Paul 26:07

Yeah, yeah. Well, I am sometimes referred to as an apostle optimist, which is, I think everything in society might go right down the crapper. But I’m prepared so I’m gonna thrive. And so I remember early on, everybody’s like, I ran out, get toilet paper, get this. I’m like, well, like, that’s one thing. I gotta say. I’m gonna poke a little bit of fun at all of us. All of us. Media, everything else. And this a slightly graphic but not too bad. Remember, when everybody’s running out of toilet paper. People are freaking out losing their minds. I love my wife. She looked at me She’s like, have people not heard of a washcloth? Are people freaking out about Mr. Evans got washed was got a washing machines fine. You don’t need to get an extra roll to pay for it. But now I am thankful that we had a big stock of it. I’m not gonna lie. But it wasn’t the biggest tragedy ever. All we had to do is lean back and go, is there anything else I can do the same job? What about you, Cory,

Cory 27:11

I know, I love You’re at the year and all the different experiences like again, this virus and the disruption that it was for our year, we’d certainly unwish it if we could it’s not a it’s not a there’s no kind of blessing in disguise about that itself. And yet, we can still make the choice about you know, what we’re going to dwell on in the middle of the year. And I just like to think about all the experiences that we had that wouldn’t have happened in the way that they happen and some some cool, some cool things, you know, Danielle’s birthday was right in the middle of the shutdown. And we normally would have done something with family or try to create some experience go out into the world. And we couldn’t do that. So I did it in in our house and put up a projector screen and made it look like we were somewhere else outside and GOT members of our family to collaborate with me on different dishes and send an ingredient or a recipe and figure it out. So we we have this experience that absence COVID, which is a we just never would have thought of doing. And now we have a cool memory in the midst of midst of all that we’ve also got a baby coming, which is really exciting before anyone calls her a pandemic baby we had already made that made that choice. It just so happens to line up with it didn’t hurt.

Paul 28:41

Let’s just say it opened up the schedule a little so

Cory 28:43

well that i

Paul 28:46

i guess a one of my biggest, biggest blessings in 2020. We’ve seen things happen for families, we’ve seen businesses that have made amazing pivots this year, and turned out quite well. We’ve had, we had several businesses that they were smoked back in March of this year. Like we may not make it through this. I mean I and I just spoke to a few of them that were in that mindset having no idea what was coming for them. profitability is up, they just made their pivots when they needed to the way they needed to. And they were in an industry that wasn’t like I run this restaurant in this location, they had a business that allowed for a pivot a little bit easier. And even caught up about some of my friends that own restaurants and how quickly and early some of them pivoted that are doing okay now like keeping their doors open, keeping a lot of their employees not all and it’s it’s I think a testament to just the American people and what we do, but my my biggest personal blessing actually comes from something in January this year. Cory let’s just say, I’m putting you on the spot here a little bit because I didn’t ask you about this ahead of time.

Cory 29:53

I’ll see if I regret this decision. And then anyone listening is like Well, okay, what’s different about this weekend

Paul 30:00

Well, I do try to at least acknowledge that I didn’t set you up to win. But he always wins. How would you describe just generally my personality? This year versus all the past years? You’ve known me? Yeah,

Cory 30:14

there is definitely a kind of a sense of an an old Paul versus a new and it’s, I think it is something a little bit more smoothness around interacting with things that come at you in life. Yeah.

Paul 30:34

That’s what Corey is trying to say is, I used to be a jerk. And, and now, not as much. So I, one of the things happened earlier this year is I just got exposed to and I know it sounds silly, but it almost it’s, it has nothing to do with necessarily my faith, although I think my faith kind of contributed to it. But it’s just a YouTube video, from this famous author where he was trying to cure people of anxiety with this kind of metaphorical story is that a 23 minute long video, and I watched it a couple of times and didn’t think anything of it in Korean, I took a road trip to go to a conference out if you guys remember, but back like circa January 2020, we would see people in person still. So we went to one of these things called a conference where we would see other people and we would shake hands and hug it was weird. So when total debacle, the entire travel experience or rental car was like four hours Wait, like it was just bad across the board. And that was cool as a cucumber. And what I realized was the contribution this video had for me and I was somebody who was short tempered. And yet, what I would do is just I’d learned enough to not be a totally awful human being, and look and behave angry all the time. But I was Revenant, like, 90 mile an hour right into the surface, I just looked calm and cool. And something changed all that for me. And I couldn’t have had a better year to deal with all the business challenges that occurred with a pandemic, or being locked down with my family and all that. And it couldn’t have been a better blessing for me to have discovered that at the beginning. And my wife told me the other day, I 2020 has been such a great year for us. It makes up for any difficulty it was for for us in the prior 12 years. And so that’s what I’m most thankful for this year. And we’re super thankful for all of you, all of you that engage with our content, listen, share it, because we know that you’re sharing more than ever, by the way,

Cory 32:39

like, all of you interacting with us listening to this content diving into this philosophy is it’s grown in record numbers this year. It’s very exciting.

Paul 32:50

Well, and and what we hope it does, we know we know by the numbers of the downloads, that not everybody listening to either watching it on YouTube, or listening to podcasts, or just the sale of the books. Like all of that we know that everybody acquiring our content, enjoying our content learning from our content is not a client. And that’s the that’s the object. The object is we hope to continue to shift the way that people think we actually have had reports of people calling and asking us questions where other financial advisors have sent them our content, and it made a difference for them. And that’s what we’re after. And what we hope more than anything as we continue to do this over the years, is we created enough of a press in this philosophy that actually modifies with other advisors do with their clients and their businesses. Because we make some of our concepts so ubiquitous. People can’t get away from them, including the people who would try to serve their clients the same way big box financial retail taught them. And we hope to just cracked that shell enough. So if you’re listening and you have another advisor forward these episodes to them, maybe not this one, probably not the best first impression of us with their Santa hats and ugly Christmas sweaters on. I did think about doing this sleeveless By the way, like just taking off the dress shirt underneath and going full Hulk I decided not to mainly because I didn’t think that my biceps would fit it’s just not wide enough camera. So we’re but we’re we’re hoping that our content will shift the mood enough out there that more people are getting this kind of thinking more people are learning more about their decisions, not just buying financial products. And as always, in this year and every year, no that works cited to do our next live stream in January, that we’re really looking forward to continue to bring you great new content. And we more than anything, with nearing on 200 episodes that this episode, like all the others has been some contribution to you being able to design and build a good life.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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