1.  Do no harm

2. We teach suitable clients how to keep money they are currently forfeiting to financial institutions and the IRS unnecessarily and we do this at no out of pocket cost now or ever.  Because we utilize an educational model rather than a sales model, the only thing we ask our clients is to learn.

3. We thwart the delivery of inefficient and ineffective financial products and strategies that have collectively done damage to the American public.

  1. With Community Comes Capacity

  2. Earn the Fidelity of Others

  3. Action is Accessed by Perspective
  4. Lead Intentionally
  5. Take your Integrity Seriously
  6. Help Others Design and Build a Good Life™
  • That the source of a family's economic value is their Human Life Value. Therefore, any planning process must begin with the protection of Human Life Value.
  • There are thousands of caring people waiting for us to serve them and it is our job to reach out and solve the issues facing them, before it's too late.
  • That by utilizing a principle based educational philosophy with our clients, we can co-create enduring financial legacies with our clients.
  • In giving every team member the benefit of the doubt, and commit to taking positive action by addressing issues at their source.
  • In on-going education to continually improve and master our craft.
  • That we represent a noble profession, causing us to look for professionals inside and outside of our industry that we can support in joining our firm and joining our cause.

We house a team of professionals who share a commitment to doing the right thing for our clients, knowing that people matter, while holding ourselves to the highest of standards.

The use of our skills and financial knowledge will help you and those important to you enjoy financial security and prosperity throughout your lifetime. Your success is our success – and we work tirelessly to create the right strategies to optimize your wealth building potential and financial well-being.

With an array of specialized strategies that will address virtually all of your financial needs, it's our state-of-the-art planning tool that sets us apart. It provides you with a detailed, holistic view of your financial world at any given time and helps us work with you to model and address a variety of financial scenarios and outcomes.

Knowing how quickly events can change, we stay abreast of current legislation and trends, and how they might impact your financial future.

As your financial professionals, our first job is to help you protect your current position of wealth, the moat around your castle. We then work with you to create a road map for the achievement and protection of your full narrative of wealth. Once the plan is clear we begin to conservatively advance toward it, never taking more risk than necessary to help  you achieve the fulfillment of your narrative.

Our team goes beyond providing ordinary financial guidance and investment services for businesses and individuals. Our team focuses on your unique needs; and then we design customized strategies to help meet those needs. We are a financial and estate services firm. This translates into an in-depth knowledge and understanding of tax strategies, financial services, pension plans, insurance, and other tools needed to build an effective financial foundation for you.

We help individuals, small businesses, and corporations navigate through all phases of their wealth-building journey. We are an uncommon financial strategy firm that has a very distinctive strategy to help you create a clear and exciting map for maximizing wealth in every area of your life.

With the flexibility to utilize any product or service that fits your needs, including those offered by the most highly rated financial institutions, we can help you build a strategy best suited to your goals and needs.

At Sound Financial Group, we believe what makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd is our:

  1. Tri-Fold Mission
  2. Professional approach to financial planning
  3. Organizational and personal integrity
  4. Ability to employ technology to create a better experience
  5. Team approach to service
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