PODCAST EPISODE 281- Did Elon Musk Really Do This?


  • 00:07 – Introduction of the episode. Sound financial group rebranding and new format.
  • 02:28 – The controversy of the day, Elon Musk.
  • 04:32 – We have no idea if the content is real.
  • 06:57 – What we shouldn’t treat as true when investing.
  • 09:33 – You can’t trade based on news.
  • 14:06 – Asset Management is a coin flip.
  • 16:27 – Should I sell my rental properties?
  • 18:15 – Selling a company because of bad news.
  • 22:31 – Elon Musk doesn’t have time to text back randos.

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Full Episode Transcription



Hello and welcome, not to your business your wealth Welcome to Sound Financial Group, we have rebranded both the YouTube channel and all of our podcasts to sound financial group. So if you go to the old episodes, you’re gonna see all of our your business, your wealth, stuff, but we are looking to bring you new and fresh content in slightly different formats, including our episode today, likely to be one of our most controversial and definitely the most controversial under the new brand. And More to come on that in a moment. But who’s joining me is a man that you usually know is a man who is the boy and blue. So much so that clients meet with him and say you’re not wearing a blue shirt today because they see him with blue on the podcast all the time. So he is actually wearing your shirt. A lot of people don’t know this, much like those 1990s digital paintings. If you stare and let your eyes go out of focus for long enough, you will see a pterodactyl coming out of his shirt.


teridax over here. There’s a dolphin. Yeah, it’s it’s great. Well, now this is a in honor of our slightly different format, grayish started show up in a slightly different format. Yes, that’s right. That’s right. Well, I thought that’s what you were talking about the controversy controversy of this episode? No, I guess you’re right. That’s probably not what is going to be the most controversial thing. But yeah, comment below.


Yeah, it is really fun. Put your guests in about what we’re gonna cover that so controversial. Before we get to it. I’ll give you a 54321 If you haven’t made your comment yet. Then I’m gonna give you the spoiler. So we’re going to talk about Elon Musk, his AI girlfriend he’s trying to hide and absolute proof that he is a child trafficker and engaged in slavery absolute, just tight as a drum. prove that he is got all these bad things going on. Now. Of course we’re laughing. And the thing is, we’re going to show you something today and we have no idea if it’s true or not. But what Rosie but what we’re introducing you to is how much we are not going to know what is true or not as years go forward and how does it impact our finances? How does it impact our investing? Anything else you want them to know before we share it with them?


So this is yeah, these guys are a little weird and they’re writing some weird stuff to Elon Musk supposedly and he’s writing some weird stuff back so just be prepared for that and this is one of the few that I might say like if you’re listening with your kid around like you can make a choice it’s not crazy for most adults but it might be disturbing for some children so yeah, just yet again.


We’re almost always friendly family friendly.


I believe family, but we will try to be friendly going forward. All right, here we go. So starts with we DM the Elon Musk we’re gonna watch its entirety and then come back to it. So if you listen to the podcast there it is quite audibly entertaining as well. DMD Elon Musk and he actually answered We know about your AI girlfriend how we felt Oh, it was uncomfortable


I’m gonna be real we were sending absurd DMS and celebrities for an episode of our show this got really weird though we’ll leave you alone any


uncensored all of his messages.


You too are morons. The proof is gone.


We already took screenshots how much we didn’t know what he was talking how much money do you guys want to make this go away


on it? I don’t give a shit about money. At this point. We were just ignoring him so weird. And a loser. We thought about blog game but we just didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Right?


I didn’t care but Aiden said we should and then he sent us a voice memo. Is it women you guys want? Or is it men? I can get you boys real human beings that you would own? I have a slave guy. So then we said dude, why are you making this more incriminating for yourself?


You guys are dumber than you look LOL You can’t screenshot of voice memo,


which is true. And then we sent him the screen recording and then he unsent all the messages again said fine. Whatever goodbye. We ignored it. Four days later, he said hey, we DM de la. All right. So


here’s here is kind of our arching meta point about this whole thing. We did no research to know if that’s real or not. Zero research into the content creators that created Yeah, I don’t know. It all came up in my feed. And when I saw it, what hit me was we have no idea if it’s accurate or not. And as a result, we are going to run into much much more stuff that deep fake and the AI deep fake stuff is getting better and better and better. And putting people in a position that here he is the CEO of a publicly traded company being shown that he’s doing something that’s inappropriate, which could be obviously, those could all be fake screenshots. It could just be a piece of comedy, there might be even something in the comments of that video that just says, Hey, this is just a joke. We we did so little research, we didn’t even open up the comments. That’s what I want to make the point to you guys like zero commentary on whether or not this is


new, right like that. The court of public opinion happens outside of the comments before it eventually it happens in the comments, but people will just watch thing and go simulate that experience and send it to 20 people 100 people,


yeah, yep. And so over the coming years, until we figure out how to deal with the fact that you can, here’s the thing, there is software right now, you all may not know this, there is software out there right now where we can go in and edit this podcast, including the video. And if I said something, I didn’t mean to say, we can put in the world word that I wanted to say, and it will change my mouth to be the new word I typed in, on the video of me saying something totally different. And if we can do that with me, and some of you have seen the funny deep fake stuff, where it’s like Joe Biden, President Obama and Donald Trump all playing like Call of Duty or something. And, and of course, those are fun and silly. But we won’t know if they’re real or not. Now, here’s the kind of funny thing. There are all kinds of things that are, quote unquote, real. That we also shouldn’t treat as true when it comes to our investing. So for instance, somebody says, the Fed is doing XYZ, and therefore, put all your money in gold. Now, the Fed X, Y, Z, but what could be inaccurate and is actually more likely to be inaccurate than accurate is the prognostication that comes after, with a prescription of what you ought to do with your time, money resources. Right? And so when somebody says the Fed is doing X, and you should do this, we want to go back to principles want to go back to philosophy, like Well, wait a second, what is my philosophy say about investing? Well, in investing, if we believe that free markets work, then what is going to happen is that if this is accurate, and Elon Musk doesn’t defend himself, then it’s going to damage him in his company and may get him ejected as CEO. Or it’s nothing and nothing happens. But in either of those cases, to trade ahead of it would be nonsense. Because there’s no one out there that’s been able to prove that if I have x news on the CEO, and then I do this trade, it works out well, for my finances, my overall rate of return, and nor does it even just subscribe or prescribe to us when we would get back into the market or what we should get into instead, you see this free market investing? Go ahead, Corey?


Well, also when we’re looking at these prognosticators and looking at the news, remember that if you saw, I don’t know. They said the stock market went down because the Fed raised interest rates or, or the stock market went down because this company went under a lawsuit by the federal government or this, we don’t know that that thing caused the market to go down. All we do know for sure, is that a journalist saw the market go down and saw a thing they thought was negative, and put them together in a news story. But we don’t, but there’s actually no evidence that that was the one thing that caused the market to go down. That’s always an after the fact assessment, just like when the market goes up, and we make up a reason for why it did. So even the thing that just happened, you can’t say that that’s necessarily the Reason. Reason why.


Yeah, you’re exactly right. And what it leads us to, is we don’t want to be trading or investing based upon what we see in the news. In part, stock prices already have a lot of information built in, like the let’s say there’s a new story that’s 90% going to break one way 10% It’s going to break another way and it’s going to impact one company stock That probability is already priced in. And it may shift further depending on the outcome. Yes, right. It’s, it’s priced in months before it’s getting priced in before everybody in the market even knows about it. And when something is not true, it’s not priced in. Or if it’s so new, and you’re like on Twitter and see it, there are people that all they’re doing is watching for certain news that attracts certain industries, and they are attempting to trade on it as quickly as possible. And if you remember from our past podcast, where we talk about market timing, they are about zero likely to outperform the market, or as at least the real probability is about 25% of them will perform in the top 25%. Because that random, doesn’t matter how close they’re watching it, it’s only like 25%, the performing the top 25%. And if you did that for five years, and then only took the people to finish them the top 25% And then watch them for the next five years. It’s 23%, finished above their peers again. So what we want all of you to take into this new future, as the first podcast under this new brand of sound financial group as the podcast brand, is that you can’t do trading and speculation based upon what you see in the news, even less so as you go into the future. Because what will be on the news or in your news feeds might be more accurate, is fake. It’s actually fake news. Now, not in the political sense of like, hey, that’s fake news, because I don’t like it. By the way, both sides have said that very openly. The side most credited with saying it wasn’t who said it first. So they both been saying it. And I can say both because you’re in the United States. It’s mainly a two party system. That that news is fake across the board, when it comes to how to arrange your finances. Certain types of news may be factually inaccurate. Let me give you an example. Corey, is having your bank deposits under the FDIC limit important? Not just right now, but all the time. Sure, yeah. Now salutely, when we see that there’s bank failures, that has to go, oh, my gosh, I have $400,000 in the bank, I’m only protected to a quarter million. But that’s not new news that would have you say, oh, I should be under the FDIC limits, it should just be news that reminded you of a principle you should be following. Right? That’s the difference. Now, if the news is reminding you of a principle that you’ve been breaking, like not being above the FDIC limits, that’s a good thing for the news to prompt us to go deeper into. But when the news what is on the news causes you to break a principle, like, I’m going to trade individual stocks, or I don’t like what this country is doing, I’m going to take them totally out of my portfolio, or I think real estate is not going to do well. So I’m going to take all REITs out of my portfolio that is a sophisticated version of market timing and stock trading called tactical asset allocation, which is like hey, I’m not just betting on an individual stock not just this sector of my pie is moving that’s all just and it’s yeah, it’s there’s a saying and kind of the the gun community that guys will go out and be tech to cool. I got like the 511 cargo pants with the logo on it and like some shirt that’s you know, like from the Leopold that your Glock hat that is tactic cool. But this tack to cool. Asset Management also is useless. Useless, according to the academics have studied that even changing that market sector requires that you be right, you have to be right at the time you go into it. And you have to be right at the time that you go out of it. And you have to do that so many times over a career of growing that it’s not going to work out because it’s a coin flip. It’s not going to work out more than 50% of the time. And that would be a good outcome as if it happened 50% of time that it worked out. So as we go into the future, what you’re going to be seeing is not reliable, you will see video where it looks dead on that this person is in the wrong or this person is in the right. But everybody saw pictures online and the Internet of fake stuff already made Here’s a joke, but it’s going to fool the news outlets to you well see 100% fake stories getting reported on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, because they have all built the habit of not needing to rush a story because they need to get the clicks and the views. And they’re not doing the proper amount of investigation before something runs with the idea of like, oh, we can correct it, which has maybe been true, because they could do that up until now. But the amount of fabricated video, the amount of fabricated photos that are going to start rolling out because anybody can do it on their computer at home, is not what you want to use to make your financial or investing decisions. Make sure you have a good coach, if you’re not working with us, I would suggest us we’re great at what we do. And I want you to know that that is not bias whatsoever. Just because I like Korean your shirt selection. But if it’s not us, it should be somebody that you can have that you can reach out to to say, Hey, I’m reading about this, is that something I need to think about? And if what they’re doing is giving you additional context and understanding so that you understand the situation better, great. If you’re getting sold a product every time you ask a question like that not great. You might need a different coach. But you need somebody to be like your internal controls like it a company before money gets sent out somewhere. There’s somebody’s like, is that a legit payment? Like, we should check that and that’s what you can use your advisor and coach for is like, Hey, should I sell my rental properties that are cash flowing right now because I hear real estate’s gonna go down. And let that advisor help you think it through, say get away from the emotion of whatever the news story was, whether it’s accurate or not accurate news stories can lead to just as much financial devastation as fake ones.


So I got another Oh, go ahead, finish that please. Well, fake news will move prices in the markets, like it’s gonna happen, because it’s gonna get reported. Everyone’s enough, people are going to think it’s real for some period of time that they’re going to do something that’s going to impact prices in the markets. But here’s why you don’t have to worry about that. You know, what are the chances like, theoretically, fake news that brought the markets down? If you’re a day trader, and you could buy low before it got corrected, and it comes back up? Or something like that? Maybe you could try to make some, some money. But what are the chances that you heard about this, like, just at the right time to take advantage of that trend, when new news is priced into the markets within microseconds? Like, you know, they’re the flat book flash boys by Michael Lewis, we’ve talked about before, a part of that book was spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get land rights for a straighter fiber optic cable between New York and Chicago to take microseconds off that transfer time. So they could get in those trades faster. You’re not going to compete with that. We’re not like that’s not the game that you want to be playing,


even if you’re trading on the fake news or real news. And like, it turns out to be real, because how many times have we seen a company released bad news, and their stock price goes up because it wasn’t as bad as the general investment population was expecting. And by the way, you know, when you found out it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be only after the earnings report and the stock going up. They don’t really have a poll of all these people buying the stock and they go oh, you know, it turns out it wasn’t as bad as they thought because the stock went up. So I know, they found out it wasn’t as bad as they thought because their earnings report was released, that some of this new news and information doesn’t even happen until after the information is released. And then they talk about it like we knew all along. It’s no different than selling Tesla because of this video. I heard it on my financial advisors podcast. Yeah, they don’t know if it’s true. But if it is, it’s going to really hurt Elon. And it would. And we shouldn’t make an investment decision off that because the fact that it would hurt Elon doesn’t mean it would hurt Tesla. And the fact that it would hurt Elon, and I’m sorry to say this, but there are all kinds of things that might turn out to be true. Now we’re using Elon Musk as our avatar right now. But let’s say there is something really, really horrible that’s true about him. He could also be 100% true and not get in trouble and never get punished for it and therefore never make this stock move that you thought for sure what happened because of this thing that actually turned out to be true. So you just can’t trade on news, fake or otherwise. That is what should be on the thumbnail for this video. Cory, you just can’t trade on news. You have to make sure you have a disciplined approach. And what I would check is like, if you don’t have an answer for what do I do if the market goes down percent 10%? What do I do if the market goes up? 10%? What do I do if interest rates change? If you don’t have an answer to all those questions, work those out with your adviser in advance to put yourself in the position that you’re reacting to known potential outcomes, not reacting to the feelings of the news, because making decisions based upon how we feel without grounding is one of the quickest ways that untruth can slip into our decision making processes. So we just have to scratch the surface and interrogate reality enough to say, Wait, does this affect my investment philosophy, this new piece of news that may be real or may not be real, really impact my overall financial well being, like something might affect a single stock price really badly for two years, but I need to invest for 50 more. So if I’m gonna invest for 50 more years, what one stock is going to get impacted even if it comes from on the high that God Almighty himself lifts up the edge of my roof right now and tells me this stock is go in this booming voice that nearly defends me, this stock is going to this price in two years. Even if I know that one, and I know that absolutely I can make profit from it one time. And I still have 50 years of investing. So I still can’t abandon my investment philosophy for the rest of my life, even if I have stock tips from God Almighty Himself. And that’s why for all of us out there, we just have to make investment decisions based upon principles and philosophy not based upon news and feelings because the news is going to be fake if it’s not already in our feelings are not going to be well grounded assessments we need to make sure our feelings are justified and grounded before we act on them. So with that, Corey anything else you want people to be left with today? In this enormously dystopian future we have painted where people are not going to be able to trust literally trust what they see with their own eyes.


So I I just had to tell you about why I think this video isn’t isn’t real. Like I’m while I’m watching it and my skepticism is high. For a few different reasons. One, Elon Musk doesn’t have to just sit around texting back randos that DM him on Twitter now he might that might be his plan.


Right? That’s the day him him DMing back a Rando is the most believable part to me so


right. I know. Like he I actually do think he would do that. But the like the voice switch into a voice memo taking the time to like record that. And I mean, this is gonna be kind of weird, but with the stuff about billionaires and trafficking, like the Jeffrey Epstein stuff. He’s just he’s if he was doing that, which he may I don’t know if he is, but he’s there’s no record


of him on the flight logs.


Right. He could have his own, got his own way there. I don’t know.


Doug a ton


of hard time, believing he would be that incautious. And finally, because this is all on Twitter, he’s not going to try to bribe the guys over Twitter. He’s gonna use his Twitter access to geo locate like their IP address or something. Guys, talk to them. Yeah. Like it’s just the way that that progress doesn’t make any sense. If you’re Elon Musk.


Well, and I think you you do make a good point, Korea, and this is something that’s important, whether it’s news that maybe is reported in a limited way, meaning not full context, or it might be fake all together. One of the biggest things to watch for is Is it a little too on the nose. You know what I mean? Like a billionaire. Like if still to like this just totally meets the conspiracy theory theory that I might hold is like, if it’s too on the nose, I actually ought to investigate further and on something like this one, it’s easy. Oh, yeah. Not gonna change my investment decision. Not gonna change anything I do. Like I could just sit back and for like six months, like, is there ever another news story about this? And if there’s not next, I didn’t have to waste a second time on it.


If you just think that you got rid of incriminating evidence by deleting your trail, you don’t then also say haha, the proof is gone. They can now record that as like evidence that you had something


Yes, but now keep in mind the people that are gonna be most susceptible this would be somebody THINK, THINK Elon Musk is an idiot. He’s socially awkward. He’s rubber forever bra. And whenever they have, and then they have something negative then this lands on. And now fortunately, this is not anybody pitching a security. But we’ve talked about like these real estate syndicates, and how they have all these glowing reviews and everything else. And it’s like, those testimonials could be inaccurate, the philosophy could be inaccurate, the videos of how the property is progressing, could be inaccurate, like there is a whole new realm that we have to be aware of. And everybody’s talking about AI like, oh, it’s gonna take our jobs, it’s gonna do this, it’s gonna do that. It’s like, it’s also going to give a lot of people like, inappropriate decision making feel.


Right? Yeah, AI doesn’t have to steal our jobs to take our money. There’s a lot of other ways that finances


well, good. Well, for all of you out there, here’s what we’d have to keep in mind. Don’t trust the news for your investment decisions, get a good coach, get somebody you can have conversations with where you can test different strategies, and possibly be making stuff decisions from the standpoint of philosophy and well grounded assessments. Now based upon feelings and what we see in the news, because what we see in the news in the years to come is likely to be more convincing and less accurate than ever. And here at sound financial group, we hope that this episode has been a contribution you being able to design and build a good life


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